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Deloitte Global Trade Event - the intersection between trade and financial sanctions


We would like to invite you to our upcoming event addressing the intersection between trade and financial sanctions on Tuesday 21 September at 15:30 (CEST) at our Deloitte premises, Rue du Pré-de-la-Bichette 1, 1202 Geneva.

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The new Swiss-French convention on precious metal and multi-metal articles: An extended trade facilitation opportunity


As a positive example of enhanced cooperation, Switzerland and France have agreed to broaden the scope of their bilateral agreement on precious metals. The agreement now includes multi-metal goods.

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The revised Swiss customs tariff: An opportunity to bring your master data management to the next level


The Swiss Federal Customs Administration has adapted to emerging trends and technologies in revising the Swiss customs tariff. This gives you an opportunity to review your existing product classifications and optimise your trade-related master data management.

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EU VAT - Financial services – Danske Bank A/S v Skatteverket (C-812/19)


In the case C-812/19 Danske Bank A/S v Skatteverket (Danske), the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has held that the Danish VAT group head office is a separate taxable person to its Swedish branch for VAT purposes. The Court also commented on the territoriality of VAT groups which may affect EU Member States with a “whole legal entity” VAT grouping approach.

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VAT succession in the frame of an Asset Deal – draft practice published

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The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA) has reacted to the Federal Court decision dated 21 February 2020 ruling out that there is a (partial) VAT succession for Asset Deals, and published its intended practice in a first draft.
The outlined practice implies a very strict and lean interpretation of the Federal Court Case. According to this practice, a VAT succession in case of a transfer of a partial business only applies if said transfer takes place between closely related parties. Further details around the implementation of the practice, such as whether the SFTA intends to audit the VAT belongings of a transferred partial business at the transferee and based on what documentation, were not mentioned. This is to be figured out based on the general rules applicable.

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DAC6 x Brexit – UK largely opts out from DAC6

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HMRC have done their best Santa impression over the festive period and delivered a surprise package of their own.

The key impact is the removal of 4 out of 5 hallmarks. This will result in a much narrower implementation than previously envisaged and one that was not expected.

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25 years of Swiss VAT – What a journey! Part 4: Swiss VAT and the partnership with the Principality of Liechtenstein

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As of the introduction of VAT in Switzerland 25 years ago, the Principality of Liechtenstein adopted most of the technical articles of the Swiss VAT law. In honour of the close cooperation of the two countries, we want to provide an overview of key areas to be consider regarding Swiss VAT in cases with a connection to the Principality of Liechtenstein.

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Building a resilient and compliant supply chain - Join our Global Trade virtual event on 10 December 3.00pm (CET)

Join our VAT Breakfast virtual event: Swiss & International VAT update on Tuesday, 8 December at 9am (CET)


Join our 2020 VAT Breakfast event virtually on Tuesday, 08 December at 9.00am (CET), where we will provide an update on Swiss and International VAT, as well as to connect together our VAT community.

About the webinar

The VAT landscape and requirements for VAT professionals are constantly changing, creating unknowns and uncertainties. Getting VAT wrong can seriously affect your organisation, in terms of additional costs, stiff penalties imposed by the authorities or missed opportunities to simplify. Especially these days organisations looking at their VAT departments and asking whether they can support with various measures financial performance.

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Changing course: Tax policy implications of a Joe Biden presidency - Join our webcast on 10 November

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Election Day came and went in the US the week of 2 November 2020. Since Saturday 7 November 2020 it conclusively appears that Joe Biden has won the presidential elections in the United States.

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