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Swiss Gen Z and Millennial Survey 2023


How successful is your organisation at attracting young workers? How successful are you at retaining them? In a highly competitive labour market, hiring and retention of young talent is a vital component of success. Deloitte’s survey of Swiss Gen Z and Millennials explores their desires and motivations, what they are looking for from employers, and what causes them to leave.

Some of the survey’s results are perhaps surprising. Pay and status are not young employees’ main motivation. Young workers are idealistic and want to retain their own identity, friends and hobbies while sharing a sense of purpose with their employer. They want to feel that within their organisation and society they are heard, empowered and able to make a difference.

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Swiss Immigration Update – Review of Swiss immigration quotas in the first quarter of 2023



As the first quarter of the year has passed it is timely to take a detailed look at the Swiss immigration statistics. The federal authorities regularly publish statistics on the exhaustion of Swiss immigration quotas. For Swiss employers it is important to know that certain permit types are subject to quotas and that these are limited in number, depending on the future employee’s nationality and type of employment in Switzerland. The quotas are released on a yearly or quarterly basis and are distributed among the cantons and the federal authorities.

In this blog we examine the numbers of used and still available quotas among the different permit types and nationalities in the first quarter of 2023. This can help you plan your upcoming employment and assignments in Switzerland.

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Explore the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2023

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Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends investigates the world of work annually, drawing on a global survey of 10,000 business leaders in all industries. The 2023 edition of the report, available now, finds that the way we view work is changing radically.

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How to become a Swiss national: a brief summary of the ordinary naturalisation process in Switzerland

2023-03-09_14-53-23Switzerland is famous for its delicious chocolate and cheese, stunning mountain landscapes, and its love of winter sports. From an immigration perspective Switzerland has one of the most powerful passports in the world, giving the passport holder access to 125 countries without the need to obtain a visa. Switzerland is also very attractive to immigrants because of its political and economic stability and high standard of living. But Switzerland also has some of the strictest naturalisation laws in the world, making the process often lengthy and challenging, even for those who have lived in Switzerland their entire life.

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Join our Immigration Academy Workshops - only few seats left

NEWSign up for our Immigration Academy half-day workshops. This year we will be joined by the State Secretary for Migration (SEM) and together we will provide updates and discuss the latest developments in the field of immigration.

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Join our Global Workforce Solutions Webinar on 28 February 2023 on Sustainability in Global Mobility

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Join our Global Workforce Solutions webinar on 'Sustainability in Global Mobility' on Tuesday, 28 February 2023 from 08:30 to 10:00 CET. The webinar will provide insights on how we are seeing companies incorporate sustainability within their Global Mobility function and what best practice can look like.

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Swiss Immigration Update Simplification of Process for Non-EU/EFTA Nationals

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At the beginning of 2022 a series of measures were announced by the Swiss Federal Council to optimise the admission of qualified specialists from third countries (Non-EU/EFTA). The aim of these potential changes was to simplify the immigration process for certain groups of individuals and thus strengthen the Swiss economy. Now the Swiss government has published the new directives outlining more details about these changes, which are coming into effect immediately.

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Swiss Immigration Law Work Permits for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and S permit holders


The global competition for highly skilled workers has become crucial to companies’ efforts to stay competitive in the market. Hiring refugees or asylum seekers with the right skillset and relevant work experience offers a unique opportunity for employers to tap into a key talent pool while also supporting this community.

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New cross-border worker agreements between Switzerland and France: a win-win situation?


Switzerland and France have reached agreements for the daily cross-border population as well as for the weekly commuters: As of 1 January 2023, French residents working for Swiss employers can work up to 40 % of their time in France without impact on the current rules on personal income taxation between the 2 countries.

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Swiss Immigration Update: Review of the year 2022 and preview of upcoming changes in 2023


As we approach the end of 2022, we would like to summarise the past few months but also look ahead into the new year and elaborate on changes that are expected from a Swiss immigration perspective.

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