Is your company following the current tax transformation trends?


Through a survey of 300 senior tax and finance leaders across a variety of regions and industries, Deloitte has identified certain tax transformation trends impacting the tax and finance teams of large multi-national enterprises.

First of all, data and cost management are still priorities for heads of tax. However, there is now a clear focus on tax-related systems integrations and the adaptations needed to comply with the changing tax regulatory landscape, driven, in particular, by the OECD Pillar 2 regime.

Also, as technology is evolving quickly and becomes a “must have”, companies are exploring different strategies to access technology capabilities, including through outsourcing,

Finally, technology is also a key capability sought in new tax staff hires, where there is a race for the “unicorn” profiles, combining industry knowledge, tax savviness and data/IT expertise.

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Revised Swiss Data Protection Law: Missed 1st September deadline? Set your company on the compliance path


As of September 1st, 2023, the entry into force of the revised Swiss Data Protection Act (hereafter “nFADP”), requires Swiss companies to immediately be compliant and strengthen data protection obligations.

If you suspect your business is behind on its data protection compliance responsibilities, rest assured, it is not (yet!) too late. Whether your company is a beginner when it comes to data protection or already has a solid foundation in place, this high-level roadmap will help you conduct your business in compliance with the nFADP. In addition, if you would like to know more about the main changes introduced by the nFADP, please check our latest article on this subject.

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Update of the Geneva practice on the taxation of management incentive plans

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On July 3, 2023, the Geneva tax authorities (GTA) published on their website an amendment to the way in which they tax management incentive plans.

The new amendment increases the scope for beneficiaries of management incentive plans to receive benefits in a more tax efficient way.

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A guide to pre-insolvency and insolvency proceedings across Europe

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The events in the last few years have had significant and lasting impacts on business in general and restructuring in particular, with the latter referring to the various options available for firms experiencing difficulties. European economies, hit by both the upheavals caused by the health crisis and geopolitical tensions, have also been affected by the various support policies adopted by governments.

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Swiss Gen Z and Millennial Survey 2023


How successful is your organisation at attracting young workers? How successful are you at retaining them? In a highly competitive labour market, hiring and retention of young talent is a vital component of success. Deloitte’s survey of Swiss Gen Z and Millennials explores their desires and motivations, what they are looking for from employers, and what causes them to leave.

Some of the survey’s results are perhaps surprising. Pay and status are not young employees’ main motivation. Young workers are idealistic and want to retain their own identity, friends and hobbies while sharing a sense of purpose with their employer. They want to feel that within their organisation and society they are heard, empowered and able to make a difference.

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Approval of the Swiss VAT law partial revision and adoption of mandatory electronic VAT filing procedures


On 16 June 2023 the Swiss parliament approved the partial revision of the VAT law which includes significant changes entering into force as of 2025. On the same date, the Federal Council decided to amend the Swiss VAT Ordinance to enforce registration as well as settlements for VAT to be carried out exclusively electronically.

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Adobe Acrobat Sign and Deloitte Legal Services

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Adobe Acrobat Sign is a document cloud solution that helps organisations deliver end-to-end digital document experiences with trusted, legal electronic signatures. Deloitte is a strategic global Alliance Partner to Adobe, with over 25 years of experience working with Adobe as a customer, supplier and partner, and a long history of collaboration on product strategy and direction.

Deloitte Legal and Adobe have formed a strategic alliance to support clients in the roll-out and adoption of Adobe Acrobat Sign – both locally and globally. Adobe provides the technology and strategic implementation for clients and Deloitte Legal can help you develop an internal environment that is ready and able to adopt e-signature solutions, and provide technology to give structured advice on valid and enforceable electronic signature methods, for both single and multi-jurisdictional arrangements.

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Global Minimum Tax: Swiss voters pave the way for implementation in 2024

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In the popular vote on 18 June 2023, Swiss voters approved the most extensive change to the Swiss corporate tax system in over a century with a wide majority. With the amendment of the Swiss constitution the Swiss voters have paved the way for the Swiss legislator to introduce the global minimum tax (also referred to as “Pillar II”) in Switzerland.

Pillar II introduces an additional layer of taxation (tax law) to Swiss constituent entities of multinational enterprises in scope of the rules and introduces a corporate group taxation system in Switzerland with a mandatory tax of 15% that is determined under a new tax basis (“GloBE”).

The magnitude of change is significant and will redefine the Swiss corporate tax environment in the years to come.

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Swiss Immigration Update – Review of Swiss immigration quotas in the first quarter of 2023



As the first quarter of the year has passed it is timely to take a detailed look at the Swiss immigration statistics. The federal authorities regularly publish statistics on the exhaustion of Swiss immigration quotas. For Swiss employers it is important to know that certain permit types are subject to quotas and that these are limited in number, depending on the future employee’s nationality and type of employment in Switzerland. The quotas are released on a yearly or quarterly basis and are distributed among the cantons and the federal authorities.

In this blog we examine the numbers of used and still available quotas among the different permit types and nationalities in the first quarter of 2023. This can help you plan your upcoming employment and assignments in Switzerland.

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Potential abolishment of the Geneva Municipal Business Tax and increase of the income tax rate


Created at the end of the 18th century, the Municipal Business Tax (“MBT”) (Taxe Professionnelle Communale) is only levied by the municipalities of the canton of Geneva and covers the gainful commercial activity of legal entities and individuals carried on in the canton.

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Join our Financial Services Tax webinar relating to high interest rates, withholding tax reclaims, Pillar 2 and VAT updates on 31 May 2023 at 8.30 am CET


We would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar on high interest rates, withholding tax reclaims, Pillar 2 and VAT updates on Wednesday 31 May 2023 at 08.30am.

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