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Deloitte Global Workforce Lounge Podcast Series Listen to our new Global Workforce Lounge podcast series as we interview subject matter experts and Global Mobility leaders from Switzerland and elswhere on the latest market trends, addressing everything from the impact of technology to the changing geopolitical environment.

For our second podcast, Deloitte’s Jacob Higgitt interviewed Helen Odell, Head of Global Mobility at Novartis

Episode 02: 

Transformation within the Global Mobility function, and the benefits and challenges of working internationally for a Global Mobility professional 


In this second of the Global Workforce Lounge podcast we hear from Helen Odell, Head of Global Mobility at Novartis. She describes her personal experience as an expatriate and the impact that this has had on her career, and also the transformation of the Novartis Global Mobility function that she has overseen in the past few years. As this interview was recorded earlier the year there isn’t a single mention of COVID-19 throughout!

Podcast interviewee: 

Helen Odell Blog_

Helen Odell - Head of Global Mobility, Novartis


Stay tuned for our next episodes!

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding this topic, please do reach out to Jake Higgitt.

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David Wigersma - Partner, Global Employer Services

David has 20 years of experience in the area of international corporate and individual taxation planning. He specialises in addressing the complex compliance needs of a cross-border workforce with varied elements of compensation.

Podcast host

Jacob Higgitt_110x110_2

Jake Higgitt - Director, Global Employer Services

Jake has 12 years’ experience in the field of Global Mobility, working with clients in all industries and of all sizes. He is the global engagement lead on two of the Swiss firm’s largest tax engagements, responsible for coordinating the provision of services globally. Jake leads our Business Travel Services offering in Switzerland. 



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