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Our Global Trade Events - digitising customs documents and preference management were hosted on Thursday, 10 October 2019, Geneva and Tuesday, 29 October 2019, Zurich.

About the event:

Do you struggle to keep track of your customs documents such as proof of delivery or certificates of origin?

Many of you know the situation. Whenever there is an audit or the need to collect proof of delivery for a specific shipment or even worse, all shipments within a certain period, a cumbersome searching process begins. The complexity of product flows increases every day and the ability to manage the paperwork can not be neglected anymore.

Considering this, we designed Blockchain and SAP GTS based solutions to help you address and manage global trade-related documentary requirements. In a quick and streamlined way, you will have access to the respective documents, no matter how complex your sourcing, production or export processes are.

In detail, the event will look at:

  • Proof of Delivery Management
  • Certificate of Origin Management
  • How to manage the preferential origin from components to finished goods (SAP GTS client use cases)

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Key Contacts


Hevin Demir - Director, Indirect Tax

Hevin is Director with a legal background (attorney at law) and she is head of Deloitte Switzerland’s Customs & Global Trade Practice. She gained experience in various customs topics in consultancy as well as industry for many years. Her focus is on utilizing free trade agreements and obtaining efficiency and transparency by automation of customs and compliance processes.



Gabriela Sirbu - Manager, Global Trade Services

Gabriela is a Manager in Deloitte's practice in Switzerland specialised in SAP-implementation projects, specifially in the Supply Chain Management area- She brings 7 years of experience, starting with SAP SD and MM implementations and continuing with SAP GTS (Global Trade Services), which is Gabriela's main focus.



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