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Our event “Getting ready for FATCA group requests” were hosted on 5 September in Zurich and 12 September in Geneva.

We will provide useful background information, practical advice on the applicable requirements as well as tips on how to best prepare in anticipation of the FATCA group request.

Why should you attend this event?

The ratification of the 2009 Protocol to the US-Swiss Double Tax Treaty will allow the IRS to submit group requests for non-consenting US accounts and non-consenting NPFFIs reported by Swiss financial institutions under FATCA. As part of this process, Swiss financial institutions will have only 10 days to respond to requests from the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA).

If you are the FATCA responsible officer, or are responsible for ensuring the group request process runs smoothly within your organization, this is an event you cannot miss.


8:30     Welcoming and breakfast

9:00     Background - Why are group requests relevant and when will they start?

9:10     Group requests in practice - Scope and process

9:25     Reporting obligations - Practical guidance on how to effectively prepare the FATCA XML, the SEI XML and the documentation pdf files

10:10   Coffee break

10:30   Preparation in advance of group requests - What should be done now and how to overcome key challenges?

11:00   Data analytics, technology and quality assurance: How to simplify processes and ensure correctness and completeness of reporting files?

11:20   Q&A Session

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Brandi Caruso - Partner, Financial Services Tax 

Brandi heads the Tax Transparency offering within the Financial Services Tax practice across Switzerland, responsible for services related to QI, 871(m), FATCA, CRS, and DAC6. She is a technical advisor and a subject matter expert to a number of Swiss-based trust companies and banks and leads the Deloitte Trust Forum. She has more than 15 years of experience with Deloitte in the US, UK, and in Switzerland.


Karim Schubiger_110x110

Karim Schubiger – Director, Financial Services Tax 

Karim leads the Tax Transparency team in the Suisse Romande and Ticino markets within the Financial Services Tax & Legal practice, responsible for services related to QI, FATCA, CRS, 871(m) and DAC6. He is a technical advisor and subject matter expert to financial institutions in the banking, trust, and insurance sectors. Prior to joining Deloitte, Karim worked for eight years in support teams of Swiss banks, in particular in areas such as operations, project and change management as well as operational taxes.


Robin King blog

Robin King - Senior Manager, Financial Services Tax

Robin is a Senior Manager working in Financial Services Tax. He is currently advising leading Swiss universal and private banks, acting as subject matter expert in the area of QI, FATCA , CRS and DAC6. Robin is the author of several articles on CRS. Prior to joining Deloitte, he worked as a cross-border tax compliance expert at a Swiss private bank.



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