Join our Global Wealth Management webinar: Win the race for assets

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Various trends are currently shaping the wealth management industry, including the rising importance of sustainability, the acceleration of digitization, as well as shifting client needs to highlight just a few. Over the past year, the global banking industry has been confronted with earth shaking news such as: the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, UBS buying Credit Suisse, or JP Morgan Chase buying First Republic Bank. At Deloitte, a leading advisory/consultancy firm in the Wealth Management industry we are committed to supporting clients in their journey and to helping them shape innovative solutions for industry's challenges. For this purpose we have created a global webinar series following the wealth management trends identified in a recent study.

Please join us on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 at 10 am (CEST) for a virtual webinar

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Transforming Switzerland’s payments landscape: Benefits for banks with ISO20022 and instant payments


The implementation of the ISO20022 offers a great opportunity to transform and modernise banking operations and payments.

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The SBA guidelines on energy efficiency in mortgages: Where things stand 180 days before coming into force

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The self-regulation guidelines from the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) on the promotion of energy efficiency in mortgages have shone a sudden spotlight on the subject of ESG in financing. While the current guidelines are limited in scope, they nevertheless present challenges for banks in Switzerland, as they may well be extended in the future. Banks are well advised to adjust their lending operating model not only in the short term, but also strategically for the longer term.

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Challenger banks: profitability and cost efficiency in uncertain times

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This blog is the second publication in our blog series. In our previous blog entitled ‘Challenger banks: Disrupting the Swiss market’, we outlined the history of banks, the different categories of Challenger banks and how they can mitigate the risks they are facing. In this blog, we further explore the various obstacles that Challenger banks are facing today, such as economic and political difficulties, and provide recommendations on how to navigate these hurdles and grow in the years to come.

Challenger banks are facing significant threats to their survival due to economic obstacles. Their growth has slowed, and most have not yet achieved profitability or are currently operating at a loss. Overall business development strategy, regulatory & compliance, and data security have developed into important focus areas if they are to become sustainably profitable and compliant. To withstand the current economic and geopolitical uncertainties, Challenger banks should act promptly by revaluating their strategic course.

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How next-generation retail payments solutions lower operating efforts for merchants and corporates

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Customers today expect a seamless omni-channel shopping experience with directly integrated payment options. Recently technical progress and the tokenisation of retail payment transactions have enabled omni-channel use cases. In this article we explain how omni-channel payments work in practice and how merchants and corporates are able to benefit from this modern payment solution.

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Global Minimum Tax: Swiss voters pave the way for implementation in 2024

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In the popular vote on 18 June 2023, Swiss voters approved the most extensive change to the Swiss corporate tax system in over a century with a wide majority. With the amendment of the Swiss constitution the Swiss voters have paved the way for the Swiss legislator to introduce the global minimum tax (also referred to as “Pillar II”) in Switzerland.

Pillar II introduces an additional layer of taxation (tax law) to Swiss constituent entities of multinational enterprises in scope of the rules and introduces a corporate group taxation system in Switzerland with a mandatory tax of 15% that is determined under a new tax basis (“GloBE”).

The magnitude of change is significant and will redefine the Swiss corporate tax environment in the years to come.

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Banking risks amid challenges: How economic turbulences are spilling over into the banking sector

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The COVID pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the merger of UBS and CS represent the three most prominent in a series of events that have affected the Swiss economy. While pandemic-related aid given by the Swiss government was covering up parts of it, the consequences of higher corporate debt are manifesting now. In this blog we investigate the effects of these developments on corporate loans and on how financial services providers are and will be affected.

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iBPM solutions: A strategic opportunity to sharpen competitive edge and drive operational efficiency


In turbulent economic times with inflation more persistent greater than expected and pressure to review staffing levels/efficiency in various industries, corporations across the globe are looking into new ways to sharpen their competitive edge. Often, declining profitability and inefficiency in internal operations are among the most common hurdles. Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) solutions have emerged that enable corporations to get back on track toward efficiency and growth. Discover below why leveraging the full potential of iBPM tools can drive the strategic value for an organisation.

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Join our Financial Services Tax webinar relating to high interest rates, withholding tax reclaims, Pillar 2 and VAT updates on 31 May 2023 at 8.30 am CET


We would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar on high interest rates, withholding tax reclaims, Pillar 2 and VAT updates on Wednesday 31 May 2023 at 08.30am.

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Is the banking sector ready for tax technology?


The use of tax technology has been increasing over the last decade, as organizations seek to gain efficiencies and deliver more value from their tax data. However, this has developed more slowly in the banking sector than other industries. Specific challenges faced by banks can explain slower tax technology adoption, such as complex system infrastructure, special tax treatment applicable to the banking industry, dispersed tax processes responsibilities and higher data security restrictions. Given the current external and internal pressure on tax functions to increase efficiency, there is no better time to develop a tax technology agenda supported by strong business cases. Adopting new software solutions to improve tax processes is not necessarily a synonym of large project costs and disruption. From taking a step-by-step approach to bigger transformation plans there is a breadth of strategies to enable tax functions within the banking sector to initiate a tax technology journey.

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