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An unprecedented set of challenges has led to broadened demands on Internal Audit functions. In addition, the pace and scale of innovation in the profession pointed to the need for an update of our vision. Our updated IA 4.0 framework brings three new features to the forefront. By aligning Internal Audit’s outcomes with the organization’s purpose, helping accelerate organizational change and learning, and further embracing digital, we believe Internal Audit can upgrade and maximize its impact and the value it delivers.

A lot has happened since Deloitte released Internal Audit 3.0, our market leading framework for elevating the role and expanding the remit of Internal Audit. This framework supported the concept that Internal Audit is responsible for balancing three core activities: providing assurance, advising management, and anticipating risks and opportunities. Internal Audit 3.0 has been a useful and durable framework for many internal audit functions as they’ve evolved their role and remit, and inspired innovation in their ways of working.

Our new Internal Audit 4.0 publication, directed to Internal Audit leaders, professionals, and stakeholders, brings three new features to the forefront. By aligning IA’s outcomes with the organization’s purpose, helping accelerate organizational change and learning, and further embracing digital, we believe IA functions can upgrade to maximize its impact and the value it delivers. 

The publication: 

  • Recaps the elements of Deloitte’s Internal Audit 3.0 framework
  • Summarizes lessons learned along the way as IA functions have adopted the framework
  • Presents a refreshed vision of the future for the Internal Audit function, which we describe as IA 4.0

If you would like to know more about Internal Audit 4.0 and how Deloitte can help, please reach out to our contacts below.

Alex buga blog

Alexandre Buga, Swiss Audit & Assurance Financial Services Leader      

Alexandre has been a financial institutions service professional across the financial sector since 1995, with a focus on banking clients (retail, wealth management and investment banking), and leading audit, assurance, advisory/consulting projects. His clients include regional, international, global, listed and family-controlled organisations. His areas of particular interest and expertise include corporate governance and sustainability. Alexandre is the partner leading our Swiss Audit & Assurance Financial Services and Banking practices. 

Email | LinkedIn

Sandro blog

Sandro Schönenberger, Swiss Audit & Assurance Financial Services Deputy Leader      

Sandro acts as the deputy leader of the bank audit & assurance team of Deloitte Switzerland. He is a financial services partner supporting you as auditor or adviser in effectively managing capital, risk and reputation. Sandro brings more than 15 years of experience as auditor and advisor of international financial institutions and he is lead partner on a number of audit or regulatory remediation engagements, in particular with focus on wealth management, capital markets and family office services.

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Christian blog

Christian Jung, Director, Internal Audit Services     

Christian is a Director in our Zurich office focusing on Internal Audit Services and Sustainable Finance for our Financial Sector clients. He has 15 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry in Switzerland, the EU, and the UK, serving international banking institutions, private banks, and asset managers in the fields of Internal Control and the Transformation of Control functions.

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